On-Site Safety Services

Over the past 9 years, S1-Safety 1st has put together one of the best safety teams around the country. How do we know we are one of the best? Our clients always bring us back for more. That is a testament to how we operate and in return we always make sure that we are on the cutting edge with our experience and knowledge.

The name says it all. “S1-SAFETY 1ST”. Safety refers to the control of recognized hazards in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk. S1-Safety 1st has always concentrated on how to make our sites safer. What many people have forgotten is that safety comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Safety, if you look closely, is all around us, if you allow your eyes and your mind to see it. That’s where we come in. S1-Safety 1st helps to keep your eyes open.

Safety needs leaders. Leaders are not people who just tell you to respect them. They’re people who earn respect. Safety needs people that see it happening before it happens. S1-Safety 1st is a leader in the safety industry. We don’t come in with fancy bright trucks. We skip all of the boring powerpoint presentations. We come in and do the job you expect us to do. If you want “real” safety, we’re the perfect teammates for you.