MRO and Lab Services

Our Laboratories
At S1 Safety 1st, we love to be able to give you choices. That’s why we have teamed up with THREE SAMHSA Certified laboratories for our services. We’re proud to utilize Quest Diagnostics, Alere Toxicology and LabCorp!

What is a Medical Review Office (MRO)?
The Medical Review Officer (MRO) helps protect both the rights of the employee being tested and the employer requiring the testing.

S1-Safety 1st offers MRO services to all of our clients. All results are received electronically from the laboratories. These results are then reviewed by the MRO and reported via encrypted e-mail, via the secure web portal and also via fax or telephone. Our emphasis is in helping delivery a personalized service when utilizing the MRO.

The MRO performs four main functions:
• Receives lab reports from the laboratory (as governed by regulations)
• Reviews lab reports for integrity, authenticity, false readings
• Interprets lab results, including verification of lab positives
• Reports lab results to employers (as defined by rules and regulations)

The MRO is the single most important function in the drug testing management process, and as they communicate with and integrate all of the other components.

Though all federal testing requires medical review officer interpretation, non-regulated testing allows the employer to determine whether or not to attach this service to their drug testing program. It is important to remember that without this service, employers may face some liability when determining the legitimacy of a positive laboratory result.

Note: All labs used by S1-Safety 1st are certified labs and each lab follows proper quality control procedures to ensure chain of custody. Procedures may not be altered for any reason.

MRO and Lab Policy – Due to human handling, S1-Safety 1st cannot be responsible for spilled or damaged urine while at the lab. All disagreements with the lab and/or MRO must be dealt with that specific lab and/or MRO. S1-Safety 1st is not responsible for any misdoing with Labs and MROs.