Employee ID Cards

With an Employee ID Cards system from S1-Safety 1st, we are able to organize and manage employees on the go to enable you to process “new hires” or “existing” employees or sub-contractors with ease. We can work with you to create a system that best suits your needs and doesn’t slow down you orientation or admittance process!

Why do we need Employee ID Cards?

Workplaces require strong security to protect both the workers as well as to prevent the loss of equipment and materials from theft or tampering. S1-Safety 1st provides photo identification systems that can meet the strict security requirements for your work areas! With an Employee ID Card system in place, you’re able to keep record of those who are authorize to work at, make deliveries or visit your site.

Multi-Functional Employee ID Cards

Let S1-Safety 1st help you get the most for your money. Many companies with ID Card programs find more than one way to work the system to their benefit and maximize the use of their cards. For example, an Employee ID Card can also serve as a door key, a time/attendance marker for their punch in or out and more! By integrating more than one use for ID Cards, companies can streamline operations and increase security.

Smart Cards

S1 Safety 1st can create your system to meet your needs by utilizing SMART CARD TECHNOLOGY. This includes;

  • Barcodes
  • Magnetic Strip Encoding
  • Proximity Cards
  • Contact Cards
  • Contactless Card
  • RFID Chips

Accessories and Add-ons

S1-Safety 1st also offers accessories and add-ons such as lanyards, clips, ID Guards, laminates, holograms and holographic overlays to make it easier to access your ID Cards as well as add authenticity. any of our ID Accessories have YOU in mind. You’ll find that most are easily interchangeable to allow you to be flexible with your identification needs!